Magic 8 Ball

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PFont f;
String phrase = “Magic 8 Ball: Ask a question and then press any key for an answer to your question!”; String [] answers = new String[9]; void setup(){ size(700,400); answers[0] = “It is certain”; answers[1] = “Ask again later”; answers[2] = “Don’t count on it”; answers[3] = “Yes, definitely”; answers[4] = “Cannot predict now”; answers[5] = “My sources say no”; answers[6] = “Signs point to yes”; answers[7] = “Better not tell you now”; answers[8] = “Outlook is not good”; } void draw() { f = createFont(“Arial”,16,true); background(255); textFont(f,16);
text(phrase,10,100); } void keyPressed() { int num = (int)random(9); phrase = answers[num];